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Balance Weights

Counterweights for helicopters - blades/rotors - and for aircraft fuselages in different materials: Lead, Tungsten, Steel, Aluminium, Nylon. We guarantee technical support starting from the customer's design up to production. We guarantee the creation of the moulds, the surface treatments and the painting phases.

Customized Projects

Protections for aerodynamic surfaces and mechanical parts. Wherever protection from debris, accidental impacts or contact damage is needed. Where it is useful to protect operators or for any other need for the management and storage of high-tech aeronautical components, Forind Avio can provide the solution to your need.
Transport CASE

Tailored for you

Forind Avio makes customization one of its strong points to give uniqueness to your product to measure. We develop the best solution based on the needs of the
customer who can choose their own customization.

Innovative Solutions: Peelable PAINTS

Temporary protective coatings

Forind Avio supplies temporary peelable protective paints. They protect the supports from attack by chemical or physical agents, or from abrasions, scratches and light impacts during the logistics chain (storage, transport), up to assembly or maintenance operations.

We supply aircraft instruments

Nylon mesh. NTA19950

We produce nylon nets - spec. NTA 19950 - used on board aircraft as insulation. Different sizes available.