In-Service Locations of Fatigue Cracking. Some locations where cracks initiate from holes
Lower Wing Surfaces
Wing & Tail Plane Attachments
Fuselage Joints
Around Windows/Doors
Landing Gear Attachments
Engine Attachment
Holes in Structure – fastner holes, rivet holes, bushed holes Helicopter Rotor Joints

Forind Avio is the only European Representative of FTI Fatigue Technology

The FTI service team is certified to perform installations/repairs of FTI products on military or commercial aircraft.


All FTI products are used in numerous aircraft and helicopter applications.
Leader in the production of technologies for the expansion at room temperature (overcoming the typical hot-cold coupling problems) of holes in metal structures to increase their fatigue life. Processes for installing ForceMate Bushings, ForceTec Rivetless Thread Plate (Olives), Flexmate Hydraulic/Electrical Fittings. Applicable to different types of materials, including composites.
What is cold expansion?

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